FYLPRO launches giving campaign with strong message to community


For immediate release: Feb. 6, 2017
Contact: mabuhay@fylpro.org

FYLPRO officials today remind community of the organization’s obligation to be present in a statement released, citing a renewed commitment to inspire next-generation leaders to uphold the ideals of a thriving Filipino community.

Part of the statement reads, “with new leadership at the helm both in the U.S. and the Philippines, we remain constant in our commitment to work with members of the administration to address new challenges and enhance opportunities within our capacity.” As a nonprofit organization, FYLPRO, with the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and Ayala Foundation, annually selects ten outstanding young leaders to participate in its week-long Immersion Program to the Philippines.

Full text of the statement is available (here) on the FYLPRO website.

“We are laying the foundation for another productive year in the organization, fueled by a desire to ensure the program doesn’t stop when delegates return to the U.S.,” FYLPRO newly elected president Kit Zulueta said. “With now a stronger network of 50 alumni in various states across the nation, we are actively seeking for opportunities to collaborate with the community to ensure program continuity.

“The community landscape may change, but our vision to create a positive impact remains the same. I humbly ask for your support.”

To learn more about FYLPRO, its sponsorship packages and how to make a financial contribution, visit www.fylpro.org/support.

Zulueta – Quintans to lead FYLPRO 2017 Officers & Board of Directors


(Coliflores, Rojo, Zulueta, Quintans)

Rico, Coliflores, Rojo, Zulueta, Quintans

Kit Zulueta of Maui, Hawaii was elected to serve as president for 2017 and Guam’s Dondi Quintans as president-elect. Jennifer Coliflores of Boston will serve as secretary and Donny Rojo of Seattle as treasurer. The officers will lead the group this year with its new set of board of directors.

“For an organization with members and stakeholders spread around the world, increased communication is my goal,” Zulueta said. “FYLPRO is open to collaborate with community groups on events in line with its mission. The organization provides for a platform to increase advocacy or brand awareness for its partners.

“We want to invite you to become a part of our plans this year and welcome you to the FYLPRO family,” Zulueta said.

Board Members:

Bea Rico
Immediate Past President

Noel Aglubat
New York

Eileen Aparis

Bryan Benitez

Louella Cabalona

JR Calanoc
San Francisco

Rommel Clemente
San Francisco

Mike Dahilig

Rafael Diokno
Washington D.C.

Jan Paul Ferrer

Christina Laskowski
San Francisco

Lakhi Siap

Mariana Zobel

Darrel Artates
Washington, D.C.

All the knowledge and experience provided by FYLPRO are translated into social impact Legacy Projects to give back to the community. These are alumni ventures focused on the Philippines and Filipino communities, such as social enterprises, philanthropic causes, or civic engagement activities.

In addition, the organization raises funds through contributions by corporate and individual sponsors at our fly-in events. The events range from social forums, community event participation, social mixers and dinners.

If you share our mission and belief that Filipinos can become the most influential demographic in the U.S., and if you want to help cultivate and accelerate the leadership potential of the Filipino community, this partnership is for you.

Visit www.fylpro.org/support for more information.

To make special arrangements, please contact FYLPRO President Kit Zulueta at kitzulueta@yahoo.com or via mobile (808) 291-9407.

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