A letter to the Filipino Community


To the Filipino Community,

The Filipino Young Leaders Program started with a promise to build momentum and work together with young Filipino American leaders across the nation. Today, this promise has brought 50 next-generation leaders together from all industries – healthcare, business, technology, government and nonprofit from all regions of the U.S.

FYLPRO strives to help unite us to a single purpose: a vision that displays a thriving Filipino community working together to uphold its ideals.

With new leadership at the helm both in the US and the Philippines, we remain constant in our commitment to work with members of the administration to address new challenges and enhance opportunities within our capacity. We will continue to represent all voices, work with all people and stand for the interests of the Filipino people.

Our annual Immersion Program has continued to foster a stronger relationship with the Philippines. We shall continue to inspire more young leaders and remind every generation to preserve the Filipino culture in their hearts to hold for the future.

And that future is what we will create together.

No one can stop a united community that understands the needs of its people.

No one can stop any person committed to protect tradition and culture.

We have an obligation to be present, to be heard, and to be active citizens in creating that future we want to see for our people.

FYLPRO will be a resource to all. We will be present.

We want to keep you informed, signup to receive news: http://eepurl.com/cyzlMz.

# # #

For information to support FYLPRO, visit www.fylpro.org/support.

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